Digital Humanitarianism Is Not a Panacea for Refugee Education — Iurii Shliakov

‘When they’re innovating new things, sometimes an area in conflict might be the right environment to test out a product or service’ (Interview, Business, June 2016);

‘I get one or more companies contacting me every week saying, “We have this great idea; this great technology we want to pilot at your school.” And I say, great! What do you know about our curriculum, our students? They say, “you tell us.” They don’t even want to come in and see for themselves what teaching and learning looks like over here!’ (Interview, NGO, January 2017).

‘A lot of these solutions focus on hardware without really the understanding of peoples’ development that’s needed to ensure buy in, sustainability, and efficacy more generally’ (Interview, UN agency, July 2016).



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